YEAR 1904

Abel José D'Almeida Lima​
Everything started in 1904, whan Mr. Abel José D’almeida Lima began the industrial activity, borning there the good art of manufacturing corks.

YEAR 1948

José Alves Santiago

In 1948 Mr José Alves Santiago succeeded to his father-in-law at the administration of the company, keeping alive the good work previously atarted.

YEAR 1968

António Alves Santiago
José Alves Santiago

It was in one friday , 13th december of 1968 that Mr. António Alves Santiago (photo 1) and his brother Mr. José  Alves de Lima Santiago  (photo 2) had received from their father the company but also the will to surprise the costumers with the best cork stoppers.

The new society lasted little time, tehre fre Mr. José alves de Lima Santiago died. In 6th January 1969, shorly afeter of the creation of the society. Leaving to the brother teh responsability to manage and to make prosper the just-been born company called CORSA.

YEAR 1978

Edgar Ramiro Santiago
José Manuel Santiago
António Fernando Santiago

In 1978 with the entrance for the society of the 3 sons of Mr António Alves Santiago, Mr. Edgar Ramiro, Mr. José Manuel and Mr. António Fernando a new impulse was given to the company.

YEAR 2000 - SYSTECODE – Quality allied to tradition

CORSAN has been one of the pioneering companies to obtain the certificate of quality attested by bureau veritas  that guarantees  conformity with the International Code of corks Stoppers Manufacturing Practice.




After years of studies and continuous improvement and innovation, in 2008 launched the CORSAN SNICORK stopper.